About BorllaBlades

The art of authentic knife making. High quality, individually designed, affordable luxury blades. With a bold approach to knife mak-ing, BorllaBlades has created a niche in the industry for collectors with a sharp eye for details and an appreciation for first class craftsmanship.

More About Me

Call Me Borlla

My name is Borislav Georgiev and I take knives seriously. Very seriously. I have been a passionate knife enthusiast, collecting knives for more than 20 years. I was continually in search of the perfect knife but couldn’t find what I was looking for. My background in Interior Design & Wood Carving has always been a major influence on the way I think and look at things. I wanted to approach traditional knife making in a totally different way and shift the boundaries to create something bold, powerful and full of personality and character. I start by import and working with the best, high quality steel from Europe. Every knife I make is unique, represent the true DNA of BorllaBlades. I only create knives that I want to own myself. Thank you for visiting my online shop.


Don't mind my cool shop, it is where everything started.

Brands I work with

I love collaborating and working with ambitious and well established brands. My goal is to deliver great product that my customers will love.

What my clients say

I just opened the best thing the USPS has ever brought me since they delivered my copy of my 1979 divorce decree. Great work Borlla! I will treasure it for life. Thank you.

Martin Harrington
Sharon Ramsey
Phillip D. Farris
Man I gotta tell you. I was at work and my knife fell out of the sheath a couple days ago. Well I drove 3 hours back to the location and myself and another guy walked about 4.5 miles of a 6 mike road. I fucking found it. I’ve been so bummed since I lost it. It’s my favorite knife.
I came across some of your work on Pinterest and I was lost in words. I craft custom knives myself and and I was looking for some inspirations. Hands down, your items are some of the most amazing lives I’ve ever seen. I am beyond impressed.
Great quality knives and fantastic customer service, what else could you want?